Owners and managers of commercial properties

Do you own or operate a parking lot in commercial property?

Park-it-direct helps you manage your parking efficiently: long-term leases, booking system, short-term parking, visitor parking, invoicing and reporting.

Utilise your parking spots to 140%.

Utilise the capacity of your parking spots to the maximum. Even a fully rented garage is in fact on average 40% empty. The reservation module lets the public use empty spots in office buildings on weekends, without any extra work for you.

Access your parking with our mobile app

No need to go through the expense and hassle of pagers. You can grant access to your parking spots easily online. Additionally, long-term tenants will always pay on time, as they know access can be revoked in
a matter of seconds.

Simple administration

Easily allocate parking spots to your long-term tenants and save contact details, lease contracts and other important documents in their profile. All in one spot.

Guests and visitors

Offer your long-term tenants the possibility of reserving parking for their business partners and guests. Opening your garage for public parking can bring you additional profit.
Park-it-direct takes care of payment
as well as all paperwork.

Automated invoicing

Save your accountant time. All invoices for both long and short term parking can be issued and sent automatically.

Reporting and statistics

A comprehensive, yet simple solution at your fingertips. Check reports, statistics or status updates anytime, anywhere.


Park-it-direct simply puts the garage owners, accountants, security and tenants in touch, keeping them informed about the current situation and any unexpected events.

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