Park-it-direct offers a wide selection of features
that will help you run your parking more efficiently and profitably from anywhere.

Parking spot management

The online floor plan of your parking area lets you view the details for each parking spot: client name, length of lease, contract documentation, automatically generated invoices, payment status and other important details.

Access your parking with our mobile app

No need to go through the expense and hassle of pagers. Tenants will only need our free mobile app. You can grant or revoke access to your parking spots easily and instantaneously. Park-it-direct is compatible with all remote access systems currently in use.

Guest parking for tenants

Your long-term tenants can make short-term reservations of designated parking spots for business partners or guests as needed.

Invoicing and payment overview

Park-it-direct can automatically issue and send invoices for both long and short-term parking. Park-it-direct can also match invoices with your bank statement and export the data for accounting purposes. That way you always have an overview of overdue invoices and you can send a reminder with one click.


Keep tabs on current occupancy of your parking spots, short-term reservations, average occupancy, profitability and many other useful statistics in order to make the right business decisions.

Public parking and online booking

Offer your parking online to the general public for short-term parking with no extra effort from you. The system includes online payments and issues parking tickets automatically. You receive payment in your account immediately. Don't let your parking spaces go to waste :)

Need more functions?

We are constantly improving our services. We created Park-it-direct for you, so if you would like to see a particular feature or service, let us know and we will work on it!