Smart parking solution

Optimize parking occupancy and revenues using simple, smart technology.

What we do?

Park-it-direct enables you to efficiently and comprehensively manage your parking and optimize the use and yield of parking spaces.

With Park-it-direct, you can easily solve everything from parking payments, replacement of access cards with a mobile app, or shared parking for visitors and the public.

Individual parking spaces or multi-storey garages for an office building, Park-it-direct can offer you a complete tailored solution.

Our partners are

Owners and managers of commercial properties

• More profitable and efficient parking
• easy to manage and keep tabs on everything
• no expensive hardware needed

Parking managers of leased parking spots

• efficient use of parking spots leased
• flexible reservation system for colleagues and guest
• convenient access using mobile application

  • Easy implementation
    no investments in hardware necessary

    Parking for guests
    convenient and transparent

  • Higher profits for owners
    due to more efficient parking spot use

    Lower costs for lessees
    thanks to parking spot sharing

  • Information on what goes on in the garage
    available to everyone at a single click

    Satisfied drivers
    which is practically a given with Park-it-direct!

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